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(F) Social Services in Kaohsiung City

    Contact person:外事科       Data source:高雄市政府警察局       Contact Information:(07)212-0800       

    Police and Ambulance: 110 (24 hours) Fire: 119 (24 hours)
    Foreign Affairs Police Station:07-2154342(24 hours)

    (a) Domestic Violence

    (i)Kaohsiung City Social Services Department

    The Social services Department of Kaohsiung City Government has professional social workers on duty 24 hours a day to provide the following services to victims of domestic violence:
    1. Assistance, emergency placement and crisis intervention.
    2. Assistance, including follow-up counseling.
    3. Telephone counseling and emotional support.
    4. Referral for general counseling.

    (ii) Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Intervention Center
    10F, #85, Min Cyuan 1st Road, Ling Ya District.
    Tel: 113 (24 hours)
    Administration help line: 535-5920
    This organization provides emergency assistance, medical examinations and treatment, legal aid, mental health assistance, and financial aid.
    The services provided are available in English, Japanese, Indonesian Bahasa, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai, Korean, Hakka, and Cantonese.  Services for the hard of hearing are also available in sign language.

    (b) Emergency phone numbers (24 hours):

    • Police: 110
    • Fire: 119
    • Ambulance: 119
    • Foreign Affairs Police Station: 215-4342; 212-0800 ext. 2238/2239.Fax: 215-4342