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(A) Personal Security

    Contact person:外事科       Data source:高雄市政府警察局       Contact Information:(07)212-0800       

    Police and Ambulance: 110 (24 hours) Fire: 119 (24 hours)
    Foreign Affairs Police Station:07-2154342(24 hours)


    1. Avoid ostentatious displays of money or jewelry. These items provide tempting targets for criminals.
    2. Park your vehicle in a place with easy access; at night, park in a well-lit area.
    3. Avoid walking in deserted or dark alleyways where it would be difficult for people to hear your cries for help if you were attacked.
    4. Take note of local police stations and medical facilities near your places of residence and work.
    5. All valuables should be placed in a bank safe deposit box. Bankbooks and chops (personal seals) should be placed separately.
    6. Photograph all valuables to help you to identify them in the event of a robbery.
    7. Refuse to accept a lift from a taxi driver who pulls over to the sidewalk to solicit you for a ride.
    8. Avoid taxis with missing or illegible license plates.
    9. Avoid taxis that have other passengers already inside.
    10. Attempt to immediately get out of a taxi in which the driver appears to be intoxicated or is improperly dressed.
    11. Sitting directly behind the driver in a taxi will allow you to react quickly if there is a problem. For example, you could grab the steering wheel and create a fake traffic accident, thereby involving others, while getting yourself out of potential danger.
    12. Take down the registration number and name of the taxi driver. Both should be prominently displayed on the right hand side of the dashboard.
    13. When taking a taxi, ask a friend to write down the name of the taxi company, and the license plate number.
    14. Avoid traveling alone. When traveling with a group, avoid leaving the group.
    15. Carry travelers’ checks and take proper care of belongings; do not expose your valuables, and be careful not to be cheated or robbed.
    16. Select a hotel in a safe area. Check that the hotel’s rooms, doors and windows are secure.
    17. Carry a self-defense device when outdoors.