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(E) Typhoons

    Contact person:外事科       Data source:高雄市政府警察局       Contact Information:(07)212-0800       

    Police and Ambulance: 110 (24 hours) Fire: 119 (24 hours)
    Foreign Affairs Police Station:07-2154342(24 hours)

    The typhoon season in Taiwan generally lasts from July to September, although they can occur until the end of October. It is recommended that the following guidelines be followed.

    1. Prepare a stock of candles, a flashlight and radio (with spare batteries), some drinking water, and dried and canned food.
    2. Check all electrical and gas lines to prevent electrocution or fire.
    3. Ensure that all potted plants are removed from dangerous positions.
    4. Ensure that all signs are securely fastened.
    5. Building site contractors should ensure that all scaffolding, fences and cranes have been securely fastened.
    6. Inhabitants living near rivers or the sea should be on guard for flash flooding and tidal surges. If necessary, prepare to evacuate to higher ground.
    7. Inhabitants living in mountainous areas should be on guard for landslides and rockslides, and if necessary be prepared to evacuate.
    8. Those rearing poultry beside a river or stream should strengthen all fences, or transfer their poultry to a safer location.
    9. Ships should come into port to moor; ship crews should remain in a safe place.?
    10. Do not go to the beach to fish, watch the waves or play in the sea. A typhoon may hold a fascination for someone who has never experienced one before; however, it is a potential killer.
    11. Do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary, as there could be a lot of loose debris flying around.
    12. Check with your employer to find out what their policy is, as regards leaving work early, or having a typhoon holiday.
    13. Do not park your car in a low-lying area, or next to a dike, in case flash flooding occurs.
    14. Do not enter a basement filled with water, to avoid electrocution or drowning.
    15. Do not drive on a road that has been flooded.