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    In retrospect to the organization of police administration of Kaohsiung City, it has gone through history and experienced the great changes of the society. In fact, it has to be traced back to the time of Japanese colonization. At that time there was the establishment of Eastern Police Office, Western Police Office, Marine Police Office and Fire Police Office.

    After the restoration of Taiwan, they were used continuously until the official establishment of Police Office of Kaohsiung City on 8th November 1945. This new police office was in charge of the maintenance of law and order of the whole city.

    On 14th February of the next year, there was the establishment of the First Branch Office, Second Branch Office, Marine Branch Office and Fire Office. In 1958 the Police Office of Kaohsiung City was permitted to be promoted as a police department of Grade B system.Meanwhile, two branch offices were established additionally.

    On 1st July 1970, the police office was furthermore promoted as the only one belonging to Grade A system in Taiwan. Under it, there were 7 branch offices established. On 1st July 1979, Kaohsiung City was officially promoted as a city under the central government. The Police Office of Kaohsiung City was officially named as Kaohsiung City Police Department.As the merge of Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County took place in 25 December 2011, Kaohsiung City Police Department combined Kaohsiung County Police Department to comprise 17 precincts、3 corps and 4 brigades.Afterward its name stayed the same as Kaohsiung City Police Department.

    Kaohsiung City Police Department